What is DPC Medicine?  

DPC Care refers to Direct Primary Care is an arrangement where you contract with your physician to provide you care.  DPC is also an abbreviation for Direct Patient Contracting in the case of non-primary care provision in some cases.  Offered on a monthly-membership model, the DPC arrangement seeks to make healthcare affordable to all members by providing an age-based monthly cost.  

  • $30/month for patients under age 30
  • $45/month for patients ages 31-45
  • $60/month for patients ages 46-60
  • $90/month for patients 61 and older or those in need of more intensive medical care

What do I get for what I pay?

Unlimited medical care at no additional cost.  That's right.  Unlimited.  No more rushed 7-minute appointments in which you only have time to ask one or two brief questions by your doctor.  

How can the cost be so low?  

By not billing insurance, your provider does not have to employ office staff to deal with insurance claims and reimbursement.

Anything other benefits of enrolling?

Wholesale medication costs: Dr. Brevig is contracted with the largest supplier of FDA approved direct-to-provider medications in the United States.  As a result, he can pass on these further savings to his patients.  He will work with you to ensure you pay the lowest cost possible for all your needed medications. 

Wholesale lab rates.  Dr. Brevig is contracted with a local laboratory to process bloodwork for his patients.   This direct arrangement shows the true costs of lab work; which he is able to pass on to his patients.  

Negotiated low rates of radiology services.  Dr. Brevig provides market negotiated rates for his patients for their outpatient X-Ray, CT scan, and MRI scan services.  He can then review these images and reports with you, making sense of your diagnosis and plan of care.  

Is this a replacement to my catastrophic insurance plan?

  1. No.  Direct Patient Contracting is meant to help patients control and predict the costs of routine health care throughout the year, by making costs transparent and affordable.  

It is savings like this that create excitement in patients and providers in the DPC arrangement.  Simplification and transparency allow extremely affordable health care service by keeping the care direct between provider and patient.  

Patient Testimonial

This is the way Medical care is supposed to be...insurance should not dictate medical care.
— Patrick J. M. - 66 years old Lifestyle Medicine of Idaho patient