Benefits of Enrollment

  • Annual wellness exam
  • Comprehensive lab screening with labs billed at wholesale rates.  For example: Complete Blood Count: $4.00.  Comprehensive Metabolic Panel: $6.00.  Thyroid Stimulating Hormone: $10.00.  
  • Daytime urgent physician access for no additional fee
  • Email access for questions to the physician at no additional cost.
  • Same day/next day appointments.
  • Physician visits to your home for $50.00 per visit, for patients who cannot visit Dr. Brevig's office for treatment
  • Osteopathic Manipulative Treatments for $7.00 per visit.
  • Specialist coordination and care planning, and imaging (MRI, CT, XRay) at competetive cash pay rates.
  • Customized health planning for each individual enrolled patient.  Healthy Living by Design means living well by intention, planning, and with the help of your physician.  

Enrolled patients avail themselves of all these benefits.  

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Note: Dr. Brevig is not taking new patient clinic enrollments at this time, if inquiry desired with regard to other service, please use the contact form below.  

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